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Moon Museum began as a collaboration between Ian Zazueta and Ryan Joseph who knew each other from the small, close-knit San Francisco music scene. They hadn’t collaborated previously, but were brought together by shared influences including Slowdive, Chameleons, and Doves. 


The pair reached out to Olivia Barchard with some early demos. Olivia was working on material at the time and was struck by the sonic similarities in style. After writing a few songs exploring female and male vocal counterpoints, they recruited their good friend and accomplished drummer, Aaron Hazen. 


2019 proved to be productive, with the band writing songs and exploring their collective sonic capabilities. The band teamed up with Ben Hirschfield of NuTone Recordings and recorded 3 songs, which included a night of debauchery and dancing with a bear in a small town. 


As 2020 rolled around, the band set to mix and release a few singles, but the arrival of the pandemic changed the landscape and overall course for Moon Museum drastically. Meetings went virtual and providing feedback remotely extended the mixing timeline. With an unwavering belief in the sound, the band charged forward and focused on creative ways to collaborate and keep things moving. 


Moon Museum emerged from 2020 with 3 songs mixed and mastered, feeling a little rough but wiser for the experience. They are now ready to share their sound with the world... and you. 


Members hail from San Francisco and Oakland and come from previous outfits Breakdown Valentine, NRVS LVRS, and Vela Eyes.


Moon Museum is 

Ryan Joseph: vox/guitar/keys

Olivia Barchard: vox/guitar/keys

Ian Zazueta: lead guitar

Aaron Hazen: drums

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Some recent press about their first single ‘Pleasures of Peace.’


FVM Music Blog: 


‘Pleasures Of Peace’ is hard-hitting from the get-go. We adore the full band sound, which instantly emerges and lay the stoic foundation for the gorgeous vocals to shine. 


YMX Music Blog:


"The song is a wall of sound that’ll overwhelm you with its blend of Alternative Rock vibes and Dream-Pop sonorities that’ll bring the listener into an introspective journey creating a cinematic experience. Something absolutely not easy to do and definitely not so common for an emerging act." 


Less than 1,000 Followers:  


"It also has genuine quality for radio airplay: pleasant in the background and greatly rewarding to those paying attention to it." 

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